"Invaluable resource: anyone wanting, or ever needing, a computer consultant/troubleshooter who solves everything fast--and explains anything you want to know actually clearly--with the soothing effect of an empathetic shrink, call Tara Grey, whose business is CompuTara. There's no one like her. On top of that she's a graphics expert. You will thank me for the referral. :))"
Steve B., LCSW | Westfield

"Tara Grey is a computer genius. She has an astute mind and can fix anything that may go wrong with your computer. She also has a warm and friendly personality and she is equally effective in teaching beginners and those who have advanced skills in using the computer. She's available to come to your house in New Jersey and also practices in New York."
Linda K., PhD | West Orange

"I could very easily give Tara 6 stars!! She succeeds where so many others fail because she is patient and able to adjust her teaching style to all levels of technical expertise. She is extremely reliable and knowledgeable. She has helped with so many projects from basic email function to more complicated graphic design. I have been able to accomplish more in my office because I know she can help. We are so fortunate to have found her. Tara fills the void as the technologic demands outpace our ability to keep up. She is my panic button."
John C., DMD | Martinsville

"It really helps me. You say things so simply and just sit with me. Now it's so easy for me to record a film. I know it's a simple thing but no one really was able to make it clear like that. I'm really appreciating the help and it's exciting to me."
Diane A., PhD | NYC

"Extremely knowledgeable and personable....
A consummate professional!"
Eve F., MD | Summit​​

"I'm one of those people who have a lot of ideas and then file them in a 'special' place (i.e. can't find them). A friend recommended Tara and she took charge immediately. She's immensely charming and reassuring and our lessons are always instructive and fun. In the past year I've learned so much and value her patience and willingness to write everything down so I can study our lessons. This business of saying the Apple is 'intuitive' is wrong. It's not intuitive to me and so I have Tara the Tutor to help me organize my files and folders rather than put them in a 'special place'."
Ellen L.S. | Millburn

"Thank you so much for all your help! I would've been in Big trouble without you, XO"
Monika C., DMD | Martinsville

"Opening windows to my business was what Tara did for me. She helped me to understand the working parts of my computer so I was not afraid to open something and use that source or tool. In the past I would pretty much give up, but Tara's patience and complete focus on my learning this won the day. Thanks Tara. I will have you back!"
Joel R. | Clifton

"Tara, you knew just what went wrong and I thank you for being there to help when I run into a glitch!"
Roberta T., PhD | Scotch Plains

"Tara has been an invaluable help to me and my wife. She has taught us both, separately, how to use the computer for our needs. Tara is extremely patient and highly knowledgeable on all things related to computers and technology. Being an International Consultant, I frequently need to communicate overseas. Tara has assisted me every step of the way, with the process of emailing, including attachments, creating invoices, and being able to use Skype for conference calls. I am amazed at what can be done on the computer and the efficiency of running my business now that Tara has provided me with the right tools and continues to guide me."
Julio R. | Westfield

"With her tutoring, I am able to communicate in this computerworld, improve and expand my business."
Michael H. | Madison​​

"Tara is the best! She is very accessible and works hard to resolve any problems. I have enjoyed working with her and find her extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend Tara and feel fortunate that I have her to rely on when any issues come up."
Anne L. | Short Hills

"You're my lifeline to some sanity when it comes to the internet and my computer!!"
John O. | NYC

"Can't get enough of you! You make me feel really good when you come. You don't criticize me for making mistakes or anything, which is great for my ego. And you will type for me without a fuss when I need it. You are the greatest!"
AC | Springfield

"I have been working with Tara for many years. She is an expert in her field, is very prompt for our meetings, and has a great personality. I really enjoy having her come to our home to help us out."
Chris S. | Summit

"Tara has taken me from the depths of a 'know nothing' about computers to the level of a very satisfied student."
David G. | West Orange

"Classy, intelligent and personable."
Michael I. | Springfield

"My mom just called me RAVING about you. She said you were patient and she learned so much. I'll be recommending you to anyone I come across who needs their computer skills fine-tuned. Thank you!"
Alicia B. | Springfield

"Tara really does work magic! The merger of my Microsoft Outlook contacts and calendar into Outlook.com gives me all of my contacts and calendar information available from any computer, anywhere, anytime. The automatic sync with the iPhone is such a great improvement from the old manual sync with Microsoft Outlook. She explained things to me clearly in a way I could understand. I am most appreciative of her help."
David L. | Scotch Plains

"I hated the computer. I wasted too much time playing solitaire and occasionally looking up something. I just did not know what to do with it. Then I saw CompuTara's ad. Now I love the computer, and how it has opened up my world. Every week I learn so many new things. I am so excited about what I can do. I am also impressed by what I do and look forward each week to a new lesson. Tara is quiet, patient, deliberate, methodical, well prepared, and on the ball. She gears my lessons to what everyone should know, caters to my needs and my interests at the speed and level I can handle. I never learned to type. Before CompuTara, I was barely able to type a sentence and I have just done a whole paragraph. She is great!"
Laurie T. | Green Brook

"I think it is so funny that you are calling yourself "The Computer Anxiety Therapist" because that is exactly what you are. Besides the actual tutoring, the emotional component is very strong. My work and relationship with you has certainly had a deep emotional impact. I am realizing that our "classes" together have had a positive effect on me and how I feel about myself. You have seemingly infinite patience and are always very positive - and that is infectious! Our time together has helped to make me feel proud of myself while I learn. Your responsiveness and attention have made me feel very comfortable with you and I would recommend you to anyone, especially to someone who is feeling bad about themselves and ashamed of their lack of computer knowledge. I definitely think that "Computer Anxiety Therapist" is very appropriate because it highlights the "treatment" aspect of your work. Can you bottle yourself?"
Amy C. | Springfield

"You are an absolutely incredible instructor. Thanks again for your incredible knowledge."
Gladys S. | West Orange

"There is only one TARA! We want to thank you for the wonderful service you provide. We are very grateful."
Marion & Myron S. | West Orange

"Many thank-you's, Tara, for going above and beyond. You are an emergency room doctor! You have been a boon to me, especially your softspoken, lighthearted approach and it really helps to laugh every once in a while."
Pat R. | Maplewood

"I hired Tara as a sub-contractor for Home & Office Computer Training, and could not be more pleased with the outcome. The project was to train two people at once, and the clients so appreciated Tara's patient, expertise and down to earth approach that they immediately scheduled another appointment. Delighted customers are what we're devoted to, and Tara has proven she can deliver high quality computer coaching services to the delight of our clients! I will happily engage Tara's services again in the very near future."
Susana F. | East Hanover

"Tara has gone far and beyond in helping me to learn how to use my computer. She teaches me something new in every lesson and has me review what she teaches me, during the week. I am grateful to have found her!"
Amnon A. | Springfield

"Thanks for being the kind of person you are. You are a gem! I thank you warmly for managing your schedule so that you could come over and rescue me. I really appreciate it so much. You are so gallant. Just terrific."
Betty L. | Millburn

"Many thanks! Every time I turn on the computer or sit down to 'play' on it, I smile!"
Rowena F. | Verona

"Why should I be upset and uptight when I have Tara in my life!? Don't press any buttons. Just call Tara!!"
Helen Frank | Springfield

"Tara and I have a special relationship. She is most knowledgeable in the computer business. I would recommend her highly for any person that is looking for one question to be answered or to continue with her on an on-going basis. Not only is she clear and precise with her trade, but if she doesn't know something, she will go out of her way to answer any question or questions you may have."
Ellen S. | West Orange      
A plus rating Computer Service
5 stars for Tara Grey